Erupt: Agents and Heroes

In Erupt, you will be recruiting agents from all over the Indieverse. These agents will be randomized in looks, class, stats, as well as unique traits.
Initially the classes will be Brawler, your melee class, Gunner, your long range class, and Tech, your support class.
The Brawler is the tank class. It possessed the highest defense and short range combat. The brawlers’ skills are used to manipulate enemies on the battle field as well as absorb most of the damage done against its allies.
The Gunner is the damage dealing class. It has the highest attack output and operates at long range. The Gunners’ skills are used to do major or lasting damage over time.
The Tech is the support class. They use gadgets to modify the battle field. The tech can use traps, support shields and manipulate the environment to help allies and disrupt enemies. The tech has mid range attacks that can be modified by the gadgets it uses.
The agents you recruit will be randomly generated in name, class, stats and also cosmetics. Although we currently do not have customization options, we do want to create a sense of attachment to these characters. As the game progresses so does your recruits and you get to upgrade their weapons skills and armor to better equip your agents for the super powered enemies they will encounter.
There are also super powered allies who you can obtain through certain missions. These characters come straight from the pages of the Indierverse and have their own skill sets and abilities. These are your super powered agents that will give you that added punch you may need to complete missions and objectives.
There are missions that you will get the option of using multiple super powered agents but most missions you will have access to one. Your agency does not recruit heroes instead you gather intel on them and have them assist you and eventually fight the battles your agents may be ill equipped to handle.
Thanks for checking this update. We should be back with more soon!
– White Guardian Studios

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